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Projects and Assignments

Below are a few examples of projects and assignments we have been involved with this year:
Case Study
Project 1:
Remit from Client: To engage an appropriate contractor to find insights for the marketing department.

This project needed an analyst that was experienced in extracting data from large data sets using creative SQL queries to give real and actionable insights for the marketing department.

Obviously the contractor had to be technically up to speed with experience in advanced Excel, VBA, pivot tables, SQL, SAS and Teradata and capable of using these skills fluently to find subtle “market insights” for the marketing department in the UK.

The selection for this position had to be really surgical, as the company had been getting applications for this role from candidates that were either business analysts that were more experienced in processing or SQL experts that were more used to being given hard parameters to search on. We found the perfect candidate that not only was an expert in SQL but also had proven capabilities in interpreting the results that were then capable of being classified as commercially “actionable insights”.

Project 2:
Remit from Client: To find the best senior internationally experienced FMCG Category Marketing Manager for international expansion. This was a permanent position.

This retailer knew what they needed and that was a well-qualified and academically exceptional marketing person that had an exceptional track record with an appropriate company that was currently or previously employed by a household name FMCG supplier – the candidate was going to be employed to open up important international marketing channels and partnerships. The successful applicant would need to have exceptional communication, report writing and presenting skills.

There were quite a few other consultants engaged in this particular remit, as the role was so crucial. So, enjoying the competition and the challenge, we did a very deep search and found a very senior international marketing person that had current experience of working with one of the world’s best-known international FMCG companies. This was a particularly senior role that commanded an overall package of around £200,000 PA.

Project 3:
Remit from Client: To join in with our clients biggest ever recruitment drive to find the best Account Managers, Marketing Managers, Category Managers and Customer Insight Analysts at all levels of seniority to help create a new global international marketing department.

Picasso were pivotal in this specialist recruitment drive working with very tight deadlines to find the best in the FMCG industry – Candidates procured from UK, Europe and India – This was an exciting but exhausting “search” as we were negotiating with candidates over several global timelines.

Project 4:
Remit from Client: To find a talented programmer, with proven “top of the draw” applied experience in Mathematica. We had to find a specialist that not only had broad base software and mathematical skills but could also step back to see the project in its entirety and come up with a solution with no safety net (a project of this nature had been attempted before).

We cannot give details but we were tasked to find a specialist contractor that was capable of producing a really complex management software system that would automate staffing levels in hundreds of stores – The reference data was immense and came from various sources – Applied mathematics were needed and a high level of abstract thinking to find the best programming solution. I am delighted to say our contractor was exceptional and produced a bespoke working system within a matter of months – We were particularly proud of that assignment.