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Head Office Recruitment Specialists for National and International RetailersQuantifiable Success In Recruiting

Picasso Personnel Recruitment Agency

TescoHead office Recruitment Specialists with quantifiable success in recruiting for national and international retailers such as Tesco stores Ltd.

Picasso truly understands the importance of recruiting strong dynamic management, and the consequences of employing the right staff with the relevant experience and capability that managers “heading up” operations and development functions must possess.

Picasso acknowledges the significance of talented business analysts, marketing and insight managers, analysts, programmers, finance managers and cutting edge project managers (and much more), that are the crucial technical and management talent pool operating efficiently within a thriving modern head office.

Picasso recruit personnel that are integral to a complex operational and human structure that leads and directs the organisation in the fast moving pursuit of increased efficiency, market retention; and we grasp the significance of recruiting managers that are entrusted to instigate measures to ensure an escalating market share in a fast moving world.

Picasso is comfortable recruiting for all sizes of organisation from “Start Ups” to International branded Retailers, Manufacturers and Wholesalers, that are primarily involved in FMCG, FMCE, White Goods, Brown Goods and Fashion Retail.


A large organisation, such as a Retail head Office, is a complex structure; often recruiters will need to understand how a particular vacancy fits into a team and how that team relates to other teams within that organisation.

Picasso endeavours to understand any particular structure within a Head Office to ensure the “right fit” not only in terms of capability but also the cultural ethos of any particular organisation.


Although Managers and Directors often find it hard to find time for one of our consultants to visit them to discuss a particular vacancy- we do recommend it. For the sake of clarity, we never charge for a company visit.

However, we do live in the real world and in the land of today’s technology it is not the end of the world if we have to take instructions over the phone/email.

Flexibility and hard work – Is this what sets us apart?

Over many years, we have learnt, time and again, that if we have instructions to find staff, whether it is a Contract or Permanent position, we often have to extend our search during weekends and evenings, particularly when a recruitment fulfilment has a particular urgency. This all sounds a bit self righteous of course but, when the need arises, talking to and sourcing applicants outside working hours can produce quicker targeted results.


Every client has its own dedicated consultant – clients are always treated with the utmost courtesy and our clients are never passed around.